This is the first I am learning of the person behind the drama. Just a bit ago I read a blurb from her about editing her articles to remove naming directly who she was talking about. So, seeing you name him here, I have mixed feelings.

I also have mixed feelings about her writing and I don't mind stating it publicly. I cannot figure out if she is playing some sort of angle. NOT her health; I'm not referring to her health or any aspects of her personal plight. - I am strictly referring to her writing. I loathe hypocrisy, even when unintentional. It just irks me. I am not without plenty of my own faults.

On June 23rd she wrote about needing to take a significant step away from working so much and wanted to let everyone know she'll " out of commission..."

June 25th she chimes in again about detoxing from too much work. I immediately thought to myself, 'Oh, I thought she was going to be out of commission.'

26th, asking readers to join her email list because she's finally going to get around to writing more for the email list.

Then she continues to churn out posts 27, 28, 30, 30, 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 16. 20, 20 . . .

I read her mom recently passed away and I am very sorry for her loss. It certainly sounds like they had their share of family drama. - But she mentioned her mom's (was it Munchausen's or hypochondria? Something to that effect) and I see Ashley's writing in a new light now. Does she have a bit of that?

I have to wonder if she is playing some angle to gain more sympathy. I tend to think she is in fact NOT playing, at least not intentionally and not with malice. But why make such a point about dialing it back only to keep posting? Good for her if she has found the resolve to plunge forward.

Maybe she'll write something to the effect, 'I know I told all my readers I'd be out of commission, but...'

[edit] I just went a little further back to learn more. I *was under the impression she gets frustrated when people don’t take into account her lipedema for her size. Yes, that’s valid, but… In a June 4th post, she lists out many, MANY afflictions she is struggling with, one of which is an eating disorder. The more I read from her, the more I am convinced she is just like her mother, rest in peace.

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