Las Vegas, NV | Former Vegas Cabbie, Reiki Practitioner, Hobby Photographer, Storyteller ○ Top Writer in Humor. Whoda Thunk?

Look at Me, Read My Interstate-Bio and Meet My Dog

Silicon Valley, California

Born and raised in San Jose, California, before it was Silicon Valley. Looking back, I feel very blessed to have seen and lived in that different era of the San Francisco Bay Area. Remembering the farmlands and orchards, our mom used to take us out to the fields and the…


Setting the stage and scripting my life for the years ahead

I haven’t written in nearly four months, but I wanted to make it a point to post at least a little something on day one of this promising new year. 2021 has been an exceptionally challenging year, to state the obvious.

So, while briefly recapping why I haven’t written in…


When your human brain and your computer brain are boggy, set yourself free.

Hey, Google, really hoping you can help me out. I know you are more than just a google search engine. Can you google for me a way to set me free? Free from the maddening vicious cycle of my computer repeatedly freezing when I’m on a hot project. …


Then There Was Killjoy. Who Invited Mom Anyway?

Fresh off the plane, the family was tired but smiling, not grumpy. Count on Mom to dampen the mood and they only just arrived for their Vegas Vacation.

Feeling sentimental about my cabbie days. It’s time to revisit Las Vegas tourists. I’ll never regret leaving that job, but I do…


A Look into Content Quality and Quantity with Charts

I took some time to study six Medium Top Writers, six posts from their profiles and a bonus seventh, the only post revealing the author. Chose not to reveal the writers. Exactly who they are doesn’t matter for the purpose of this post.

*Gasp!* Blasphemedium!

The people behind the writings

Karen Falcon

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